21 Day Fix Extreme Launch! Join my accountability group!! Let's do it!!

I just ordered my 21 Day Fix Extreme today!! I completed the 21 Day Fix program back in September with great results and I am just getting ready to finish Shaun T's newest program Insanity Max:30. Now I'm ready for the next challenge and that's Autumn Calabrese's new program 21 Day Fix Extreme!!

I loved 21 day fix because it really got me back on track with my nutrition...my portion control to be exact. I don't eat unhealthy but my portions get pretty out of balance at times. As silly as it sounds the little containers really helped me get back to the right portions for my body. I'm really excited to see what Autumn has in store with 21 day fix extreme!

I am starting this program on February 16th...who's with me?? I will be running a "secret" group on Facebook which will be a way for me and anyone else who would like to join me accountable. We will share recipes, tips, tricks and encourage each other to reach our health and fitness goals. I really do hope you will join me. 

Because of the launch there are special sales going on for both of these programs this month. If you decide to buy either of these programs from me this week I will send you a FREE infuser water bottle to help you stay hydrated! Who doesn't love spa water?!?!? 

Comment below or email me at  simplyfitmama@gmail.com and I will send you all of the details! Or head over to my Beachbody Website www.beachbodycoach.com/simplyfitmama

21 Day Fix Extreme:

21 Day Fix:

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