Lap Swimming

Need to get your laps done with the kiddos in tow? Bring a friend with kids and trade off swimming. My neighbor came up with this great solution to getting your swimming done with the kids. We headed to the pool with a three year old and almost one year old ready to conquer some laps. We took turns watching the girls while the other one did laps, my daughter (3 year old) played in the kiddie pool while her daughter (1 year old) hung out in her stroller. 

This was easy to do mainly because we just had two kids to keep an eye on while the others were in school.  It was a great swim.

Here is what we did:

200 meter - Warm up
200 meter - Paddles
200 meter - Fins
200 meter - Cool down

Not a big workout but a small workout is better the none. Plus I know we both pushed it with speed trying to get done quickly before the kiddos decided they were done.

The best thing about the workout was that later when my daughter and I were showering she started flexing her muscles and told me that: 
"We are girls and we are strong and we loooove exercising!!".

Her words have played through my mind for the last couple hours and I can't stop smiling. Teaching my children how to live healthy, active and a balanced life is a goal of mine. I have learned that the best way to teach them this is to live it myself. They soak up everything you do and sometimes tend to tune out what you say.

Do you have a great idea when it comes to working out with kids in tow?

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