Big Boy...Big Bed...Big Night!

So tonight as scheduled, we put Weston to sleep in his Big Boy Bed. He was very excited about being in his new room. We let him help move the last couple things that were left in his nursery to the new room, he thought that was fun. Then we we asked him if he was ready to go Nite-Nite and he went to the nursery door which was closed. We told him he was going to sleep in his big boy bed with the trucks and he grabed his blankie and a book and climbed up in bed! David read him his bedtime story, we turned off the lights and shut the door. As I write this I can hear snorting and snoring through the monitor. So all is well for now, we hope that if he wakes up he doesn't get frightened. And we are curious to see what happens in the morning!!

Oh okay, I did sit outside his door for awhile...but not for too long!

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sal said...

Happy b-day david

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