Coupon Madness

Some of you know that I am a bit addicted to couponing. I have had this addiction since October of last year, and every week I think it grows and grows! This week we had a wonderful surprise at a local grocery store...TRIPLES!!!! Which means triple coupons...and that means a lot of free groceries!! I went shopping last night and bought $269.04 worth of groceries for $42.32 saved 84%! And today I did a quick shop with Weston and bought $107.62 worth of groceries for $11.33 saved 89%! My grand total would be that I bought $376.66 worth of food for $53.65 which is 86% savings!!! I love it!! I took a picture of the loot from today's shop because my dad doesn't believe you can get this much food for soo little...so here is just one picture of today's shop, I did not take a picture of last night's loot, sorry. Anyway, I think couponing is great it has really changed the way I think about grocery shopping and I hope that this will inspire someone to pick up the hobby of couponing!! I really think it's worth the time and effort!

All of this for just $11.33!!


J & C Nixon said...

Thanks so much for teaching me all about this. I am so excited! I can't believe that I was able to get so much great stuff for so little money. Sorry I kept you out so late!!!

Thanks again,

Tirzah said...

Thanks for writing this.

Forward Family said...

You Welcome, let me know if you have any questions, would love to help!

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