My favorite moments of the day...

When Weston woke up this morning I went to go get him and he didn't really want to get out of bed so I got up on the bed and layed down next to him and he said "nuggle" which means snuggle...so we snuggled!! He was just soo sweet I could not get enough him. He would hold my face with his little hands...and rub his little nose up to mine, hook his arm around my neck and pull me closer..David laughs because I love to snuggle and I am so happy that Weston has become such a little snuggler.

Later in the day, Weston and I went outside to play and I wanted to try to pull some weeds and trim some ornamental grass (inspired by my friend Carrie and all her hardwork she just did on her yard!) so I pulled about 10 weeds and was tired..but I did get the grass cut (there are only 3 plants)! Anyway, Weston was playing in the sand, on the slide, and the swings...and of course with my weed pile.. and we spoted a butterfly! I pointed the butterfly out to Weston and he squealed in delight and screamed "futterfly..futterfly" and the chase began...we chased the futterfly all around the yard it actually landed right in front of us at one point and Weston crouched down and pointed and chattered about it then we chased it until it left our yard. What I couldn't get over was how exciting and happy the futterfly and chasing the futterfly made Weston...he giggled and screamed futterfly the whole time and I couldn't stop giggling at his delight in the whole thing. I'm sure our neighbors think we are crazy because I imagine if someone looked outside all they would have noticed was a toddler running in circles with his big bellied mommy trailing behind him...

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J & C Nixon said...

I am sure that seeing the two of you running around the yard "Chasing a butterfly" would have been quite a sight. Glad you guys are enjoying the beautiful weather!


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