Someone is starting to feel better!

So Weston has really made a great recovery! He started feeling better around Friday and now his appetite has finally started to return. Most of last week he felt terrible all he would eat or drink was chocolate milk. He was on a chocolate milk diet for about four days...so now I am afraid we have created a monster a chocolate monster that is!! He will now ask for choco milk and if you just grab the regular milk and start filling his glass he will have a break down and get in the fridge and grab the chocolate syrup for you to add to his plain milk...so next plan is to wean him from his chocolate milk addiction. :p The other thing that has been rather challenging since he became sick has been giving him his medicine...oh my!! We have had to give it to him twice a day for 10 days...and everytime is a real battle. The second he sees us get it out he starts running all over the house and trying to hide, once we are able to convince him to come to us we then have to pin him down and try to get the syringe in his mouth...he has now learned that if he blows rasberries the whole time we can't get any in...oh and he also knows how not to swallow things and just let it run out of his mouth!! So needless to say we have tried many different methods to give him this medicine and now we are just praying for the 10th day!! I would have to say I would rather give pills to a cat than give a toddler medicine they don't want!!

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