Easter Day

Easter was pretty quiet for us this year. We went to church, came home ate a big lunch, took naps, played outside and probably Weston's favorite moment of the day was eating his first chocolate bunny...I still can't believe how quickly he ate it and I can't believe we bought him a chocolate bunny to consume!! He was silly about it...when we showed him the bunny he said"mmmmmm" and there was no need to explain that it was food he already had it in his mouth!

Easter Picture of the family.

Chocolate Bunny..mmmmmm

No sharing here!

He was saying "Hurray..Hurray..Hurray" I believe for the delicious goodness of the Chocolate Bunny!

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J & C Nixon said...

What a handsome little family! I am flad you guys had a Happy Easter. Sam is going through Weston Withdrawals, so we will see you all very soon.


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