Big Boy...Big Pants!

Well the time has come to start the journey of potty training with Weston! His interest has continued to increase over the months and we feel that it has peaked... on Thursday when he took off his diaper and ran to the bathroom squated and starting pooing (on the floor of course!)...he looked up at me and kept saying sorry Mommy sorry Mommy. That night we bought him a stack of underwear and said bye bye to his diapers the first thing in the morning. So our first day was yesterday, and he really did a great job he potty 6 times in his potty...everytime he got a sticker he would put it on his potty chart and run to tell Natalie and show her! He was soo cute with Natalie he would sit there and talk to her and tell her about the airplane stickers and count them. He stayed dry during his nap too! Of course he had many accidents but the important thing is we are heading in the right direction. This morning after the entire night of sleeping...he woke up dry!! We went to the potty first thing and he went! So we are doing good, just busy with the potty training stuff! We feel it's been a good start, but we know there are many days ahead! So keep us in your thoughts and prayers as we continue the adventure of potty training. I will have to say Weston is pretty cute in his Big Boy Undies!!!

A proud little sister!

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