A spoonful of sugar...

Makes the medicine go down or so they say? Where have we been you may be asking yourself...well we have been sick! First Weston woke up in the middle of the night one day last week with a fever...I took him to the doctor in the morning low and behold he had an ear infection brewing! So we picked up his medicine went home and rested...if only we knew what was lurking around the corner! That evening when I went to bed I didn't feel that well, and when I woke up it was a lot worse!! Weston woke up a lot worse too...we had a stomach bug that was going around and spent the majority of the next 24 hours very very close to the bathroom. True as it was it only lasted 24 hours, I seemed to get the worst of it! Fortunately Natalie was unaffected and we thought that David was going to make it through without it too...until Saturday came around and David was attack by the nasty little stomach bug we all had (which was a bit funny since David always says he never gets sick..hee hee). And in the middle of this David's Mom came in to town on Friday and we were able to have a pretty good weekend despite all the sickness going around!

Pictures are coming..not of the sickness.

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