Fire Truck

Today at Weston's school they had the local fire department come and talk to the kids about what they do. I told Weston last night that we were going to see a fire truck today, and this morning when he woke up and all the way to school he kept saying fire truck weeeeoooweeeooo (my attempt to spell what the siren sounds like) it was really cute. When we got there he took it all in and was a little scared around the firemen and the truck. One of the firemen dressed up in full gear and they wanted the kids to shake his hand or give him a high five...but Weston was not budging and every time I asked him if he wanted to go up there and shake his hand he would say NO...I have to admit in full gear the fireman looked a little alien like. Anyway they ended up having to leave to put out a fire, and Weston didn't warm up to them soon enough so I took a picture of the fire truck. When they left Weston stood there and waved and waved and kept saying "bye bye fire truck...weeeeooweeeeeoooo" When we got back I got out a fire truck that his Papa Jeff had bought him about two years ago. He has been carrying it around, ate lunch with it and wanted to nap with the truck.

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