Random things...

Well the first picture is Weston helping me make dessert (chocolate pudding..nothing fancy) and of course making sure the spoon was clean before it goes in the dishwasher! Since it has started to get a little chilly at nights I decided to bring out the footed PJ's which I love...Weston looks embarrassed in the picture but it was really excitement he loved his pajama shoes. Natalie is the new sheriff in town...when Weston needs a break...Weston likes to put hats, clothes, diapers well.. anything on Natalie this is what he found for her on a particular day. Mommy found a cool craft table at a great price on craigslist..it is in Weston's room now until the bonus room gets finished this spring. We really are enjoying the new table! Then there is Natalie chewing on that thumb and really anything else she can get in her mouth including toes! She is teething but still haven't had anything pop up.

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