Weston and Natalie

Weston is absolutely in love with Natalie and she thinks he is pretty amusing. Weston likes to read to her. When he wakes up from naptime or sometimes in the morning if Natalie wakes up before him (not often) Natalie comes with me to get him and he always wants us (mainly Natalie) to snuggle with him on his bed. We sing him a good morning song. Lately he has been asking me to "hold it please" and at first I wasn't sure what he was asking but he was persistent and started to grab at Natalie and I realized he means "hold her please" I have been trying to explain that Natalie is not an it..that she would be a her or Natalie when asking to hold her.. He agrees with the Natalie not sure about the her. So if he remembers he will ask to "hold Natalie please" and now as soon as she is in his arms he asks for a "picture please" SO I have a lot of pictures of the two of them. Enjoy!

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Paul & Angela Jenkins said...

Now you guys are in the stage that we've been in for about 2 yrs. Judah LOVES Rebekah the same way Weston loves Natalie. Even today he has to know where she is. We love it as parents and keep fostering it as much as possible.

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