Busy, Busy and Strange December

I can't believe it's December... okay middle of December already! It's been high 70s this past week, we've been trying to enjoy the weather with a lot of park and outside time. Crazy weather for December.

David was in an accident a little over a week ago. He is fine and the other people are fine but our commuter car was totaled...so that has left us searching for a car..which isn't much fun. We have found a car and will be buying it tonight, nothing fancy just another commuter car. But I know David is especially happy to turn in his rental and move forward with all this.

We had a window in our foyer crack...from what we can tell nothing hit it...it just crack..maybe all this crazy weather. (The outside pane cracked not the inside.)So sometime in the new year we will be replacing a window.

And last but not least I made my first call to POISON CONTROL. Weston likes to play by himself in his room a lot (probably because I moved all of his toys up there), I turn on the monitor so I can here what he is doing. I was working on some stuff downstairs and all of a sudden I realized there was no noise...I started for the stairs rather quickly and was met by a very panicked Weston. He was covered with a white cream all over his belly, legs and of course his mouth. I realized by the smell and the empty tube that he handed me that he had gotten into his cortizone cream (for his eczema). I wiped his mouth out and called poison control, they were very nice and the only thing I had to do was wipe his mouth out and give him some fluids to flush the taste out of his mouth. Needless to say he had a very upset tummy followed by some not so fun trips to the bathroom.

So as you can see it has been an interesting month so far...can't wait to see what the rest of the month will bring!

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