We are always working on sharing. Weston for the most part has done pretty well with sharing, until recently. I try to give him a choice with most things and with sharing the choice is either share the " said object" or I take it away for the day. And he has always decided to share the "said object" and he will tell Natalie or his friend that it is their turn and then his turn. But lately the "Forward" in him has really started to show, and it goes a little like this:
Me: "Weston, share Mr. Bump with Natalie."
Weston: No comment. (Death grip now on Mr. Bump)
Me: "Weston, share Mr. Bump or I will take it away for the day."
Weston: Looks at Mr. Bump hands it to me... "Take it away, Mommy."


Cassidy and Lily's Mom said...

SOOOOO funny! That just made my day! :)

Nana said...

It is so Forward that is for sure... did make me laugh Brandy.

Paul & Angela Jenkins said...

Too funny yeah our 2yr old does that to our 4yr old. She won't share so no one gets it for the day much to the dismay of the 4yr old who did nothing wrong. We are trying to come up w/ alternative and will let you know since 2 yrs from now you will be in our shoes.

Paul & Angela Jenkins said...

Okay I'm leaving a second message but only b/c you've not written another blog.

The other day my husband made me a peppermint mocha and breakfast. I didn't remember telling him about your post so I asked him where he got it from. He reads your blog as well and saw it there and decided to surprise me with it. SO go ahead and post whatever fancy dishes and drinks you want maybe he'll surprise me again. haha

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