To the Zoo!

We spent Friday at the NC Zoo which is a great place to spend the day! David took the day off so that we could go during the week when the zoo is less crowded. Weston was very excited about going to the zoo, we had been talking about it all week long. We woke up ate breakfast and drove to the zoo, which is about an hour and a half. This was our second year visiting the zoo, and let me just say that this year was leaps and bounds better than last years trip. The weather couldn't have been better and the kids really enjoyed being there. Well Natalie kept falling asleep and when she wanted to walk it was only to dance around in circles, she did however make sure she was awake for lunch! Anyway enjoy the pictures, also to see more visit our web gallery.

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Anonymous said...

I laughed so hard at the rainy day pictures. how fun for the children. Thanks Brandy for telling me about the web site. Weston's eye is looking a bit tough is some of these glad it is ok now. Give eveyone hugs for me .. Love Nana

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