A little Camelbak bite...

Sorry for the bad picture but I thought some may be interested in the aftermath of running with my Camelbak for the first time. Basically the arm strap rubbed my neck raw. Total bummer.

I have seen people running with Camelbak's and I don't know if they have some of the same issues with theirs. To be fair to Camelbak I am not using one designed for running, it was categorized for cycling.

I bought it on sale a couple of weeks ago and have really enjoyed having it on bike rides. It is great for cycling and has great pockets for all kinds of things!

As for running I am not sure I can make it work. I was burning up temperature wise during the run last night, my whole back was covered by the Camelbak and there was no air ventilation. My back was also soaking wet from sweat and didn't have a chance to dry because it was covered up.

Hydration is important. I never really take water with me on my 3.5 - 4 mile runs because they are short and I am home quick. I usually leave a water bottle in front of my house so when I get back I immediately start re-hydrating. Now that I am increasing miles and the weather is warming up I am trying to be more responsible and carry water with me on my runs.

My question for you is: Do you hydrate while running? What type of bottle/belt/Camelbak do you use?

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