Countdown to Kindergarten- 2 days

You've changed soo much throughout this summer. We moved across the country and you adjusted much better than I had thought you would, much better than I have! You have loved exploring our little part of California and making new friends.

At the beginning of summer you were not very comfortable in the water, you had already been through a couple swimming classes but you didn't really like being in the water. Today we spent two hours at the pool and you spent 98% of the time under water, doing cannonballs and swimming by yourself and not clinging onto me for dear life, not once did you ask me to help you! I am extremely proud at how far you have come in learning to swim and getting comfortable in the water.

You handle your showers all by yourself now, no more baths with your sister. You asked me last week if you could shower by yourself and I told you that you could but it may take awhile until you could do it all by yourself. Silly Mommy...you had it down the first night and haven't need any help since. You handle the majority of your bedtime routine all by yourself. I hope you don't ever ask to stop snuggle time.

I love hearing you talk with your friends making up silly games and laughing until you have tears in your eyes.

You realized today that since you are on the late bird schedule we will not be able to walk with the neighborhood kids in the morning and you were bummed. I tried to cheer you up and let you know that some days we will go in with the early birds and the rest of the school, I promised you big lunches instead of snacks for your lunch box, I told you the fun things about being a late bird, I hope I cheered you up. In reality I was a little bummed too; I wanted you to be able to walk with all the other kids and I wanted you to be home mid-morning instead of afternoon. But I am happy to trust that God has a better plan even in small things like Kindergarten schedules.

I hope you make dear friends this year in Kindergarten. I pray that you are a kind and loving friend. I can't wait for other's to meet you and get to know what a wonderful person you are.

I love you.

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