Countdown to Kindergarten- 3 days

Your sister will miss you while you are gone at school. We both will. You have not mentioned missing her or me but you have assured me that I will be okay and that you will only be gone for a little while and when school is done I may pick you up.

I love how much you two adore each other. You can play for hours and hours together and not get bored. I  listen to the games you play together  and I am always amazed at your creativity and imagination.

It's crazy how different your personalities are but you bring out the best in each other.

When the two of you are together you are in your own world and you are oblivious to others kids around you. You can play pirates at the park and other kids will try to talk to you but you keep on with your game and maybe pretend the other kids are sharks. At times I have asked the two of you to include others in your play but other times I have just watched in awe of the happiness and joy you bring to each other.

I pray that your bond will never be broken and that even as you grow older into adulthood that you love and adore your sister as much as you do today.

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