Saving time in your week with food preparation

I am always looking for ways to save time and energy during the week. Food prep offers a great way to shave time off making dinner during the week. Let's take the roast chicken from last night for example. Here are the few easy steps that I took that are going to make Thursday night's dinner easy peasy and stress free.
  • While the oven was heating up I cut up some leftover bread pieces from the artisan bread and made herbed croutons for tonight's dinner. (okay this is not for Thursday but it is for tonight)

Making the croutons didn't take any extra effort just a little for thought. I know that my family will really enjoy eating them on their salad tonight. 

  • When dinner was over and it was time to clean up I chopped up the chicken and stored it in the fridge. I knew that I will have plenty of chicken for soup and for a couple of lunches this week.
  • I threw the chicken carcass in a large stock pot to make chicken broth for our soup on Thursday. I knew that it would simmer for a couple of hours and be ready to go in the fridge by bedtime.

  • I already had carrots, celery and onion out for the chicken broth. So I went ahead and chopped up the veggies for our soup on Thursday and stored that in the fridge.

Thursday's prep work is done for my chicken and dumpling soup which will mean all I have to do is throw it all in a pot and let it simmer that night. 

It didn't take that much extra time in the kitchen to prep these things, I already had most of it out, all I did was take advantage of the time I had. 

No matter what you make for dinner try to think of ways you can use your leftovers or things you could prep for a meal later in the week during clean up time, your kitchen is already dirty. 

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