Training with a Garmin 305 forerunner

I have been running for a little over two years. When I first started running it was all about loosing weight. The thought of running in a race or training to get better never crossed my mind in the beginning.

I didn't really love running when I started out. I remember dreading the idea of waking up early to run or not being able to watch a show on TV because I had to check off a run (or treadmill time) for the day. The crazy thing is that as I started to get stronger and my normal runs seemed easier I began to think that running wasn't soo bad. It was at that point I signed up for my first race, I was still not Gung-ho about running so I trained thought about training for that race and all it showed.

Stay with me I'm getting to the Garmin...

I went on to run a second race the first race I trained for consistently and I did a great job. I was so surprised at how much better I did and felt after training, plus I beat my husband (epic moment).

Since I was not into running for time or any specific distance for the first two years of running I really didn't use much to track my runs. When I started training for my second race I used my iphone and used the C25K app. I loved it I had tried to use it for my first race but just wasn't consistent enough. This is a great app if you want to learn how to run a 5k, it's easy because you start out with the run/walk method.

Now I am training for my fourth and biggest race to date Long Beach half-marathon and I am running my butt off!! Right before I started training for this race I decided to bite the bullet and buy a Garmin 305. Mainly because my weakness in running is pacing myself. For shorter races it's not that big of a deal but for longer races it is a big deal.

I have previously used the RunKeeper app for my iphone to track pace, distance and to figure out routes. This app is great if you want to be able to review your data after the run. It is hard to watch your pace when you phone is strapped to your arm. Also I found that it didn't accurately read my pace correctly.

Garmin 305

fits comfortable on my small wrist
has a light for the screen, when you run in the dark
accurately tracks pace
accurately tracks distance
auto-pauses if you have to stop (traffic lights)
auto-starts so you don't forget to restart your run
tracks your heart rate (with chest band included)
battery has lasted on long 10+ mile runs
easily view your pace
has pace alarms (you set to help you stay in your pace range)
has heart rate alarms

software (seems dated wish it were more like runkeepers awesome software)
you have to import your data from your run (runkeeper auto updates it to the web)
it can take a few minutes to start it (it has to locate satellites)
more gear to carry
it's pricey

All in all I am loving my Garmin. I have heard that there are other software programs online that upload the Garmin data and are more appealing. I plan to investigate the other software programs, do you know or use any? I really feel like I have learned how to pace myself and I wouldn't have been able to do it without my Garmin. I have 5 weeks until the race I can't wait!


Eliza said...

I've been thinking of the Garmin for about a week now, and just decided I will get one for myself hopefully in the next month (I'll run a 10k in November). I will post feedback :) I've heard great things!

Carrie said...

Hey! Merry Christmas to the Forward's!!! I just got a Garmin for Christmas!!! I can't wait to use it! Did you ever find a program online that you like better than Garmin's?

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