Easy swim workout

Last night I decided that I was ready to ease back into my normal fitness schedule. For the most part I am feeling better and done with my medicine. I still feel a little tired but planned on taking some naps this week to give myself extra rest. Who doesn't love a nap?

So my swim workout was fairly easy. Here's what it looked like:

800 meter swim workout

200 meter --warm up
200 meter --paddles
200 meter -- fins
200 meter-- cool down

I've mentioned paddles before but didn't really explain them in any detail. Probably because I am still very new to swimming and I'm learning the details myself. I can tell you that I love using my paddles and that my deltoids have more definition because of them.

I use them to help improve my stroke, they will pop off your hands if your hand enters the water wrong. I know my stroke has improved some because when I first started using them they popped off all the time. It was frustrating. Now they stay on for the whole time. There are many different uses and many types of paddles. I found this great video on You Tube about paddles. Take a look and you will see that most people can benefit from the use of paddles in their swim training.

I bought mine from SwimOutlet.com. This site is my favorite place to buy my swim gear I still haven't found a place that sells name brand swim gear at a better price.

Here are the swim paddles and pull buoy that I use:
ClubSwim Power Swim Paddles
Speedo Pull Buoy

**I am an affiliate with swimoutlet.com. If you click on the above link and purchase an item I will make a small percentage from the sale. Even if I wasn't an affiliate I would still recommend them. :)

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