Training for Surf City Half-Marathon and other random things

After my lack of motivation post I decided to get my bottom in gear and just do it! Thank you for the encouraging words and tips on staying motivated.

The Surf City half-marathon is super bowl sunday. One of the fun things about training this time around has been running with friends. I don't think I could have stayed motivated through the holidays without knowing I had a couple of friends waiting for me outside. We are all signed up for the same race and distance, we have the same goal of finishing just under 2:00 hours and we all live in the same neighborhood. It couldn't get any easier than that! It's fun to run with people because it really gives you a chance to chat and learn a lot about them. It's been great getting to know my new Cali friends a little bit better a mile at a time.

Training with friends is different than training alone. Duh, right? One of the big differences/ challenges for me was running without my ipod. When I train alone I like to space out and get lost in the music it makes the miles go faster especially the harder miles. To be honest I was nervous when I first started running with friends. I left my ipod at home because I felt it would be rude to run with it. But I have loved the conversations that we have had and I am happy I am learning how to run without an ipod. I love hearing our feet hitting the pavement. It's fun to hear what the day has brought to each of us. I even run the long runs sans ipod and I don't even miss it. I'm delightfully surprised.

Okay so here's a summary of what I have done to get ready for the race up to this point.

12/8- 5miles @ 9:35 pace
12/9- 5miles @ 9:30 pace
12/13- 5 miles @ 10:08 pace
12/16- 5 miles @ 9:17 pace --tempo run 3 miles @8:55
12/18- 9 miles @ 9:58 pace
12/20- 5 miles @ 9:42 pace
12/23- 5 miles @ 9:41 pace
12/27- 5 miles @ 9:20 pace
12/29- 5 miles @ 8:58 pace--tempo run 2 miles @8:30
12/31- 6 miles @ 9:36 pace
1/1- 10 miles @ 9:36 pace
1/3- 5 miles @ 9:54 pace
1/5- 5 miles @ 9:17 pace-- tempo run 3 miles @8:50
1/8-10 miles @ 9:37 pace

I have been swimming here and there but it's been harder to get to the pool because of all the rain we've had and just trying to squeeze it into the schedule.

Last weekend I started my little weight lifting program again because I have been totally slacking in that department. One of my goals is to tone up and I love how much stronger my legs feel on a long run or on hills when I have been consistently weight training. I still don't attend a gym I just use videos or sparkpeople.com for my weight program. I am using the original P90 program but would love to try the  P90X program because it looks soo cool and I would love the challenge.

I haven't bought P90X because it's pricey...but funny thing...today when I got home I found it on my doorstep!! It was a present from my Dad--love him and very surprised that he knew I wanted this. Thank you, Dad. I am soo stinking excited I can hardly stand it I actually had two packages a new mop and P90X...it was a super exciting day! I love packages. :)

You may think a mop wasn't very exciting but it is because I threw away my mop last May when we moved and I had planned to buy a new one here but just never got around to it. So I have been mopping my floors every week on my hands and knees with a towel. I know that's silly I just kept forgetting to buy a new one.

Have you ever tried P90X or P90? What's your favorite at home weight routine?


Amber said...

I have P90X, I love it! I like that there is a variety and it keeps me on my toes! I hope you enjoy it!

Simply Fit Mama said...

I haven't started it yet. I am super excited to try it. I will probably start the week after my race. Glad to hear that you love it! I have heard nothing but good things about it.

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