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I haven't rode my bike for a while really since last summer. Okay minus the occasional family rides to the frozen yogurt shop. I haven't really been riding because I have an older moutain bike that doesn't really fit me right so it can be frustrating to ride. 

My friend brought over her spare road bike a couple of months ago and I have been trying it out. Road bikes are so sleek and the tires are very skinny big difference in the feel when you ride. I rode a couple of months ago for a 20ish mile ride and yesterday we got out and rode 14ish miles. I say "ish" because I wasn't really tracking the miles it's really just an estimate.

Today my shoulders are a little sore. I'm not super fast on the bike but I really do enjoy riding. During the winter it get's too dark in the evening to ride after dinner (during the week) but now that it's light until 7:30 p.m. maybe I'll be able to get an extra ride or two in a week.

We have a wonderful bike path that takes you to Back Bay in Newport Beach. It's a nice ride. I plan on getting a lot more comfortable on the bike this summer. 

FYI- if you ride and you get saddle sore a hot bath with epson salt works wonders! Do it the same day you ride though don't wait until you are really sore.

Do you like to ride the road or the trails? Any tips to share on riding? 

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Meercat said...

Mike is really looking forward to trying out the large network of trails and old coal-truck roads (now closed to car traffic) here in our area. He just got his bike serviced...so hopefully he'll be able to get out there soon. It's light here until almost 11pm, if you can believe that! So, no excuses!!

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