I quit P90X!

So you may be wondering why you haven't heard from me and my P90X updates. Well that's because I decided to quit. I can't believe I'm even writing this...I'm not really a quitter. I really had to swallow some pride to make the decision to quit. But my time with P90X had come to it's end.

I was really excited to start the program and I really needed a little break from running. This made the first 30 days go by quickly and I really did enjoy the challenge and change. Then the next 20+ days were okay but I started to get really bored of the same workouts, the time commitment in front of my TV and the lack of fresh air in my workouts.

I started to dread working out and that is the opposite of what I try to achieve in my fitness goals. I never want to push through something I am not truly happy doing. I completed 7.5 weeks of P90X I took a week off for spring break thinking that would refresh my outlook of the program to finish it up. I tried a day here or there after spring break but just couldn't spend anymore time with the program.

The positives about the program are:

  • If you have bad weather where you live this would be great for long winter months indoors.
  • If you can't get away from the kiddos this is a great fully body program to do in the comfort of your home while kids are napping, sleeping, playing etc.
  • Don't have a gym this is a good replacement: cardio and strength training
  • You build a ton of strength
My shoulders, biceps and upper abs look a lot more defined than they have ever been. I feel a ton stronger in my legs, core and upper body. In the end I was able to do bicep curls and swimmers press' with 10 lb. weights my highest weight I have used before was 5 lbs. In the beginning I was only able to do 3-5 pull ups (chair assist) and by the end I was able to do 10 pull ups (chair assist).

I really enjoyed the Kenpo cardio workout and the Yoga. I never really warmed up to Plyometrics. The weight videos became my favorite (minus the push ups and pull ups).

The negatives about P90X:
  • They are videos, you are in front of your TV for an hour to an hour and a half everyday!
  • The videos get really old after 45 days.
  • There are a million pushups (different types) and a lot of pull ups and chin ups.
  • The ab workout is intense and was really hard on my tailbone (349 ab moves in 15 minutes).
  • 90 days is a long time to do the same program 7 days a week.
I was disappointed in the change or lack of change in my lower abs (my trouble area). My upper abs became very defined which I think made my lower abs look worse. I know that some of the problem with my lower abs is extra skin and still some fat that needs to get burned off but still I would have liked to see a little more change for the effort I put in.

P90X nutrition plan

The first 30 days is very high protein lower carbs. I felt great the first 30 days. The 2nd 30 day phase you take away some of the protein and add in a little more carbs. I felt awful with this change. So I ditched the nutrition program and ate how I normally eat I just boosted my calorie intake to ensure I had enough calories for the workouts. 


I took my normal vitamin intake. Post workout I used a recovery drink that I really liked and think that it really made a difference in how sore I felt the next day. I did not use the P90X recovery mix because I felt it was too pricey. Mike's Mix is what I used and plan to continue using with running, swimming and biking. (I prefer the original formula over the chocolate.)

So in the end I was happy I tried it. I believe you would see major changes in your body probably after the 2nd round of P90X. If you love working out to videos  than this is a great program. 

If you love being outdoors than this program will drive you a little nutty. I felt like a bit of failure after quitting and really for not keeping this blog updated with my progress so I'm sorry if anyone was waiting to see progress reports I just couldn't squeeze it in. I hope you understand. :)

A few tips if you plan to embark on the P90X journey
  • Make sure you print out the worksheets from their website. They are free and they are really easy to use to track your weights during the workouts. 
  • Commit to a 2 hour time slot every day for the workouts.
  • If you can have a committed space to workout in. Line up your weights, bands,  yoga mat, pull up bar.
  • Drink a recovery drink, it makes a difference in how you feel the next day and I hear it helps your muscles rebuild quicker.


Carrie said...

Hey girl, I totally understand about the monotony of doing the same ting over & over again. Could you recommend a recovery drink? I just started working out with Lisa (the personal trainer) and I think I need something like this.

Meercat said...

Don't sweat it, luv. ;-) I can't believe that you stuck with that madness for as long as you did. Two hours a day. I don't know where you found the time with two little kids.

One good thing about P90X, too, was that it helped you realize that you needed to be eating more to support your activity level...and that was big!

Carrie: Good for you for working out with Lisa! You are going to love her! Rock on!

Anonymous said...

INSPIRATIONAL!!! How do I get intouch with lisa or any good personal trainer? Contact divamoondancer@aol.com

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