Fitness Friday: Charity Miles

This is my favorite "new to me" running app right now. If you are running, walking or biking why not turn that time into giving back? I have been using this app for over a month now and it just makes my heart smile that while I run I can give back to the world.

So here's how it works:
  • Open the app and choose walk, run or bike.
  • Swipe through the charities and decide which one you will be walking, running biking for.
  • Push start and go!
  • At the end of your workout you get to either accept the sponsorship for the charity or not. 
  • Then you can tweet or FB about the charity that just sponsored your workout.

When you run your sponsor will donate .25 cents for every mile. If you walk or bike it's .10 cents a mile. As you can see this would easily add up mile after mile...especially if you are training for a big race this year.

The app is fairly simple to use I have had no problems with it. I run Charity Miles app and Pandora while I run and I have had no problems with either app. This app is not meant to track pace, I use my Garmin to track all my running data (I'm a nerd like that). 

Help change the world...One mile at a time!


Heather {The Lovely Cupboard} said...

Brandy, I saw your comment on my teacher appreciation gift, and am just now repsonding. I'm so sorry! About the flip-flop size, I knew the shoe size for the teacher I gave mine to. Maybe your child could creatively find a way to ask by saying they are taking a "shoe size survey". Hah-not a great suggestion, but it would be tricky to find out without flat out asking yourself!

Simply Fit Mama said...

Thank you, Heather for responding to my question. I think I'm just going to omit the flip flops and maybe add a frozen yogurt gift card or something like that. :)

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