Humpty Dumpty...

Had a great fall!

Tonight Weston had his first fall out of the bed (Guess that didn't take long). He was sleeping and rolled off the part without the bed rail and fell to the ground. We heard a big thud and cry so we went running up to see if he was okay. He was fine...mostly scared. We calmed him down and put him back to bed. I will have to say that it was really hard for me to leave him in the bed after he fell. I just wanted to stay there and make sure he would be alright. But I know that would start a really bad habit...and that's not good for either of us..so my heart is broken as I sit here and write about our little boy in his big bed.

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sal said...

From pa pa
hi baby i told you to put pillows on the side that had no railing:(
but thats ok no one hurt and hes still has that cute smile

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