Storytime Kisses...

Tonight I was reading Weston a book we both like very much, it's called I Kissed the Baby. I have been reading it to him off and on since he was a little baby and it talks about seeing the baby, singing to the baby, tickling the baby, and then kissing the baby. Lately Weston, has just been giddy everytime he gets his hands on that book. He anticipates each page and loves the tickling part...he usually thinks the kissing part is funny but tonight when I turned the page to the kissing page he grabbed my face with both hands and gave me a big kiss then giggled. It was such a sweet moment for me. It's always hard to put a moment into words but I just wanted to write about it. I remember reading this book to him when he was a little baby and he loved the images because they are all black and white...and then he started turning the pages and really paying attention...and now I can't believe we are at the stage where he anticipates and participates. I can't believe my little baby is a toddler...time has just slipped away!

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