Fence Progress...almost finished!!!

Last weekend David and Jodie nailed all the 2x4s and all 600 of the dogear boards up on the fence. It was a hot weekend to be outside working but I am really grateful they were both willing to work out there and get the backyard secure! This last week was great playing outside with Weston, he has been soo attracted to all the fun stuff that comes with a pond, like fish and turtles mainly, it has been hard to keep him out of it. But now we have the fence up, this weekend David is working on the detail work...like scalloping the fence and any touch up work that needs to be done. Above are some pictures of David and Weston working on the posts and below are some pictures of David scalloping the fence from this weekend!

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J & C Nixon said...

The fence looks great! We had fun helping/hanging out!


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