Weston and his Cereal...

Weston goes through phases when it comes to his breakfast food. He used to be a yogurt and milk kid every morning...then it was an Apple and Bannana...and so forth. And now as you may know he loves a bowl of cold cereal and he does not need nor does he want any help to eat his bowl of cereal. Well we are proud to announce that he has entered a new phase in cereal eating...he can now pick up the bowl and slurp the milk all by himself!! He was not taught this...this was something that one day he decided to do on his own and he thinks it's great! I purposely would not drink from my bowl in front of him because I was afraid he would catch on and I did not want to clean up the mess that I was sure would follow... but he has not had any major spills yet and we are going on week two of slurping milk from a bowl.

I wish you could see and hear him slurp from the bowl. He tries to fit his whole head in the bowl and slurps loud and makes the mmmmm sound...it is fun to watch!

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J & C Nixon said...

It really is a hoot to see. Weston is such a funny little guy. Fortumately, Sam hasn't figured out drinking from a bowl. She does good to drink from a cup! See you guys soon!


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