Still here!

We are doing pretty good, we had a tough day yesterday but luckily there are only so many hours in a day!! Today is a big day because Natalie's umbilical cord fell off!! I always think they are a little creepy so I am happy to have it gone and see her brand new bellybutton..which by the way is adorable! We are also going to give her a nice bath tonight to celebrate this momentous occasion. Weston loves having his little sister around, when he calls out her name he throws his head back and yells out Naaaaataaallie, it's very drawn out it's pretty cute. He has been a great helper changing her diaper with me and of course identifying if it is poo poo or pee pee...I love seeing him interact with her..althought sometimes he can be a little rough but it hasn't been as bad as I had imagined in my head!

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