Weston and Natalie...

Weston absolutely adores Natalie. He is always concerned for her well being. Natalie had her one month check up yesterday and he played the roll of protective brother again...kicking the Doctor and telling him NO...and telling Natalie "it's Okay..Naaattaallie" and patting her belly. It was pretty cute. Needless to say when it was time for the shots he was not a happy camper.
Natalie is doing really well. She is a chunkie monkey..she is now weighing in at 10lbs 9.5oz. and she is 22 1/2 inches long!! She is growing like a weed!
She has been a little colicky so that has not been fun..it hasn't been too bad...hopefully she is almost over this phase.
Weston is always kissing her and hugging her... he really wants her to play with him, so he is always trying to put his toys in her hands..sometimes she will grab one and he thinks it's hilarious! It's fun watching them interact.
Anyway here are a couple pictures of Weston and Natalie!

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