Here we go again...

Soooo last night Natalie had a fever, we took her in to the doctor first thing this morning and low and behold she has an ear infection! We just can't catch a break with the sick monster that has been circling our house lately. I suppose that's what we get for having a germ carrying toddler running around the house...we love him though germs and all...but maybe next time we will try to keep him a safer distance from Natalie when he's sick...although that is easier said than done. So I feel like I have been to the doctor's office way too much...I'm praying for a quick recovery for our little girl! She is taking it in stride though, still smiling and cooing.

On a lighter note...Weston still loves to kiss and hug Natalie..but the funniest thing lately is his dislike for slobber. He will now go in to kiss Natalie and if he sees slobber he will pause, wipe her lip with her shirt, and then kiss her! It's pretty funny. He told me today that "Natalie slobbery" I told him she was and that he was slobbery for a long time too..he just giggled and thought that was funny.

And on an even better note...we will be off to the beach in a couple of days for a week...wooohoooo. So stay posted hopefully I will be posting some beach pictures soon!

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