We're at the Beach!!!!

We got to the beach yesterday afternoon, we really just worked on getting settled in yesterday. Today we had a busy day we started off the morning at a new church plant in the area that our church is supporting. It was a nice morning of worship and Weston had a great time playing. Then off to the Aquarium from there...Weston loves fish! We really picked a great place to spend the afternoon, Weston had a great time looking and touching fish. At first it was hard to get him to move to the next exhibit he kept thinking we were taking him away from the fish, but he caught on and then there was no stopping him!! After that we headed back to the hotel and spent some time on the beach before dinner...came in to get ready for dinner and then off to dinner we went. Everyone was pretty tired from a busy day so it was not very hard to get everyone to sleep fairly quick (yesterday was a different story). Anyway enjoy the pictures...more to follow I'm sure!
Getting Settled

Crabby Weston and his morning yogurt



Horseshoe Crab

Crabby Weston





Daddy and Weston


Mommy and the kiddos

Daddy and Weston catching some waves

A little beach nap

Mommy and Natalie


Natalie...searching for a thumb

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