Please pray for this family...

Lawrenson Family...click on their name to read more about their story. Nathan and Tricia are expecting their first child. Tricia has CF, and this pregnancy has been a real challenge for her health. They are currently at Duke, she is 24 weeks along and they will be delivering their baby this Friday if all goes well. She is currently having a lot of problems with her heart and lungs and delivering the baby will be very risky for both mom and baby Gwyneth. We want to lift them up in prayer to God and pray that God will make Tricia's lungs and heart strong enough to get through delivery and get back on the transplant list. Also we pray that Baby Gwyneth will have a trouble free delivery and grow strong in the NICU.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing this Brandy. I went to the web site and see their little girl has been born. I am praying for them. What an inspiration of faith. The troubles here are so minor and trivial compared to what the Lawerenson family has been faced with. I watched the video and cried. It is beautiful.

MilePost13 said...

Thank you!

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