Vacation Day 2

The weather is absolutely beautiful here.  The water is nice and warm.  And the sand...well there is a lot of it! Today we had to run a couple of errands before we went down to the beach. We went to the grocery store and loaded up on enough food to sustain us through the week, and we had to stop by the beach store to get buckets, shovels and sand molds so that we could be the biggest and best sand castle ever made!!! When we got back it was already lunch time, so we ate lunch kiddos took nap and then when everyone woke up out the beach we went! Our babes love the water Nat kept laying down and pretending to swim. We collected seashells, tried to build a Sand castle but Weston-Zilla destroyed most of it as fast as we could build...so we will try again on the sand castle.We came back to the house (which we love by the way!) and started to get ready for dinner. Natalie was spent so we snuggled on the couch and then the boys went back out to the beach to fly Weston's kite! It was a great day the kiddos were exhausted, slept well, Mommy and Daddy were able to have quiet time..oh and Mommy whooped Daddy at Scrabble last nigt..WooooHoooo! 

Above are two pictures from the day...to view more visit our web gallery!

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Jennifer said...

So glad you are having fun! Stay safe and keep up the winning streak! Us girls have to stick together!

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