Vacation Day 3

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Today we woke up and were at the beach right after breakfast. Natalie and Weston both love the water. But Natalie is our little fearless daredevil!! She just runs in the ocean, she always wants to go deeper and cries when we don't let her do it herself. She gets frustrated that we hold her hand!! Weston loves the waves, jumping them, sitting in them, and he loves seashells! We had our lunch outside on the back deck and the kiddos thought that was great! We can see a buoy from our back porch...Weston calls it the booby... :) We spent some time yesterday swimming in the pool, and that was really nice, especially since nobody else was there we had the pool all to ourselves! Mommy made crabcakes tonight for dinner, the kiddos did not like them at all, but we did! We also taught Weston how to play Go Fish today, he had a really good time playing and Winning! 

It's soo beautiful here at the beach, I am always in awe at God's creations from the great big sea all the way to the tiniest seashell. Yesterday I spent time talking to Weston (during our beach walk) about how God created the ocean and the seashells and the sand...When he went to bed last night he wanted to pray by himself and his prayer was adorable but what I loved about his prayer was that he thanked Baby Jesus for the ocean and seashells!  

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J & C Nixon said...

Great pics. Saw the Gallery. Does David take any pics? I was starting to wonder if you weree even there! Glad you had fun.

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