You may wonder...

why there is a large gap of time from my last post to my current post.

You will see that  I blogged for awhile about my family and updates about our children so that our family could keep up to date with our life. I really didn't have a ton of time to work on it because let's face it...life with two toddlers was crazy!!

I felt guilty about it every week, month and then eventually year that passed by that I didn't update our blog. But what I realized during this hiatus was that we all have seasons in life where we don't have time to do things we want or feel we need to do. And that's... OKAY.

I am not the worst mother ever for not journaling every little thing my children did. I love the idea of keeping up with all those things and hats off to Moms that can juggle all of it.

Instead of blogging I added more sleep for mama. Instead of blogging I added more play for the kiddos. Instead of blogging I added more time with my wonderful husband. I no longer feel guilty about the break; I needed it.

I had a chance to dig myself out of the trenches of having two children 20 months apart. I gave myself permission to take time for myself, grow stronger in my faith, start eating well, get in shape, and remember who I am as Brandy and not just Mama.

What can you expect from my updated/new blog? It will not just be an update for family about the kiddos. I need a place to write out what is going on in my crazy world. I will write about whole food, realistic fitness for moms, my family and...well... my life.

I hope that you will find encouragement from the words I write and in turn I hope you can encourage me as I continue to move forward.

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Vitamama said...

I've been a personal fan of yours for so long that I can't tell you how psyched I am to see that you're going to be sharing all that wisdom, humor, good taste, and cooking "how to's" with the world through your new-and-improved blog. A big "Yay!" from all your fans. Lucky us!

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