Fitness and Traveling

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Staying on track with fitness plans while traveling can be a challenge. There have been times that I have packed my running shoes and clothes with all intentions of working out when we get to our destination but just never got around to working out.

By the end of those trips I usually feel terrible for a couple of reasons. Eating out can be hard on your body, while unpacking at home I feel guilty as I unpack the well intended fitness clothing that never got used.

I have other trips where I have packed for fitness and followed through with my fitness plans. On those trips I always feel better mentally and physically.

How do I handle fitness while traveling? For me this means being realistic about my fitness plans for the trip. It also means cutting myself some slack if I don't follow through with my plans. Because I don't believe you should beat yourself up over life happening...I like to enjoy life!

My plans usually are to complete some sort of cardio 3 times during my stay at a hotel for a week long trip. I don't complete my normal weight sessions; instead I keep up with my sit-ups and push-ups (no tools necessary).

If there are no cardio machines I lace up my shoes and hit the pavement (sometimes I run outside even if there is equipment). It can be fun to explore a new area on foot by myself with no kiddos in tow! If there is a pool I swim laps. I am not an expert swimmer but I enjoy the change of pace.

Summarized thoughts on fitness while traveling:

  1. Make realistic goals for fitness while traveling. 
  2. Be creative if you don't have the proper equipment.
  3. Enjoy your trip!


Ann said...

You are so good. Fitness is the very last thing on my mind while traveling. You are so inspirational!!

Pink and Polka Dot said...

i'm running on my new treadmill...after i eat my chocolate chip cookie brownie with ganache frosting! hope i didn't sabotage your efforts! glad you guys made it ok. miss you.

FRuFH said...

Hey girlie,

Hope all is well on the west coast. Missing you and your family already.

Hey, can you do me a favor? Can you blog about your bread that you put in the fridge and make fresh all week sometime. I'd like to do that.

Simply Fit Mama said...

Thank you!

Pink and Polka Dot-
Glad you are getting some good use out of your new treadmill...you will love it! Those brownies were delish..or devilish...I'm not sure which..maybe both!!

Missing all my friends in NC!! I would love to post about the fridge dough. I promise to do so as soon as my boxes get here. Which will be next week. Stay tuned!

Vitamama said...

Knew you'd cheer me on, so must post:

I jogged 4 miles in 60 minutes this morning, then did 20-min Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred ("guaranteed to anger your fat into submission," as a wise man once said).

Simply Fit Mama said...

Vitamama- Rock on!! Can't wait to get back to my full fitness regime. :)

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