For those of you who know me IRL (in real life) know that I am officially in California. We flew into Orange county Sunday evening. We picked up the keys to our new home on Monday.

I would love to say we are in our new home and cooking on our own stove but I can't say that just yet. We do not have any of our household goods or our cars until next week. So we are staying in a hotel and renting cars for a little while longer.

It is safe to say that the excitement and newness of staying in hotels and dining out has worn off, for our whole family. I can't wait to fill you all in with all the local food I find here. And of course all the new places to run, bike and swim!

Today I spent half the day at IKEA. I have only been to IKEA a handful of times and only to buy small little toys  or other small items. This is the first time I have been to purchase furniture. Wow...it is crazy in there. Very cool place, great prices, cute stuff, not so friendly staff.

I let the kiddos help pick out new bedding (they are downsizing beds). I had hoped I could persuade them to like the super coordinated boy / girl stuff but they have creative little minds of their own and picked out what they wanted. I didn't give them a hard time, I promise, I just threw it in the cart and was proud that they were soo sure of their choices.

After that I let them play in the play area and I hurried around the store, which is ginormous, to grab all the little things. You know,  like a couch, bunk beds, mattresses, and hangers. I feel like this served as a small workout (cardio and weights). I broke a sweat during all the running around handling two kiddos, one regular cart and one flatbed cart. I need more arms!!

My couch is in transit and so are the bunk beds. So we will have to wait on those. David and I had a secret plan of getting the kids beds set up and the pull out sofa for us and sleeping in our own house instead of the hotel. My plans were foiled by the "no couch in stock".

Believe it or not I was able to fit the two carts full of stuff into my little rental car (Nissan Altima). That includes two twin mattress. And two kids in car seats. Thanks to the clever packaging of IKEA.


Cassidy, Lily and Finn's Mom said...

Wow, things are busy there and you haven't even gotten into your house yet! :) Miss you guys already! Cassidy graduates preschool tomorrow...sniff! So much going on here...will try to blog about it soon or e-mail you! :) Love you guys!!!

Pink and Polka Dot said...

snap! i miss you girl! wish i was shopping IKEA w/you!

Vitamama said...

Gotta love the Nissan Altima. Can't believe you got twin mattresses AND two kids in car seats in there! LOL.

FRuFH said...

Hey Brandy,

Just have to say I love your blog. Did you design this yourself? I love the cartoon character at the top and the fonts and everything. It is really pleasing to look at. You are also a very good writer. Thanks for keeping us updated through this on how things are going for you all.
Love ya'

Simply Fit Mama said...

Tracey- Can't wait to hear about all the updates. I know crazy how fast they grow! Love you too!

Kristi- Thought about you a million times in IKEA!

Mir- It's safe to strap car seats to the roof right? ha ha just kidding... although the ride home would be much more peaceful. :)

FR- Thank you for the complements on the the new design. No, I did not do it myself. I know an amazingly talented blog designer..Carrie Koehmstedt of Sweet Faerie Designs (her link is at the bottom right hand side of the blog). She is AWESOME, and she did a great job! Thank you for the writing comment...I'm blushing. :) Miss you!

Love B.

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