Huntington Beach

David and I went and sign all the paperwork involved for leasing our new home. It's almost as intense as buying a home, felt like they were going to ask for my firstborn!

After all that I dropped David off at work, picked up the kids and grandma and headed for the beach! Everyone has told me that the beach is only 15-20 minutes away but I am an unbeliever until I see for myself.

We hopped on 55S and got off on the PCH (pacific coastal highway) CA-1. It really only took 12 minutes to get to Newport Beach, but the kids had fallen asleep so we decided to keep driving the PCH and enjoy the scenery. We drove all the way to the outskirts of Long Beach. Natalie woke up so we turned around and parked at Huntington Beach.

Why Huntington? Well Carrie suggested going to Ruby's Diner and as we drove by we noticed a Ruby's diner at the end of a pier.  Parking was easy, there was tons of it! I'm sure it's different on the weekend.
The kids ran out to the water. The waves were very big and angry here. Not at all like the waves in NC. So I had to pulled the kids back to keep them from being swept away into the ocean. Natalie was not happy about it.
After playing in the icy cold water we decided to walk the pier and go to Ruby's for some ice cream. Here are some things we found along the way...
We had a great time at the beach. Can't wait to spend lazy days on the beach with the family. It's going to be fun!


Carrie said...

Oh, HB how I love you! I used to ditch school with my girlfriends and spend the day at the beach (don't tell my mom.) I hope Ruby's on the pier was good :o)

Simply Fit Mama said...

Ruby's was good. We just had shakes and ice cream. But it was yummy and they had clean bathrooms!! I would ditch school for HB, too!

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