Our Pick!

Thanks for voting that was fun. :)  The way leasing works here in California is that you put in your application for the ones you like and hope you get accepted.

On all three houses there were other applicants. We were picked over the other applicants for two of the three. The third home they choice another applicant since they were willing to pay four months in advance.

We were picked for Woodbridge (2 bedroom) and Woodbury (3 bedroom walk to Trader Joe's). We chose... drumroll please...

Woodbridge the 2 bedroom with all the upgrades. All of the homes were small 1200-1300 square feet. It was a tie for me between the Qual hill and Woodbridge town homes. We made the choice Monday evening and felt even better about the choice when we heard we weren't even chosen for the Qual hill one on Tuesday morning.

Woodbridge is an older more established neighborhood. Mature trees and a little more space between the homes. The homes here felt a little more private. We are within walking distance to the elementary school (.4 miles to be exact). The park is less than two blocks away. There are three pools within walking distance. This home was also the closest to David's work. A little under 10 minutes to two trader joe's and whole foods.


Tina said...

oh my- B, so so excited for you!!! i have loved feeling like i was "part of" this process. thanks for the pics and descriptions. no matter which you chose- it would have been the right one, b/c YOU make it home. yippeee!!

Vitamama said...

Fantastic! I am so excited for you guys. That house is super cute. :-)

Cassidy, Lily and Finn's Mom said...

Congratulations! I am so glad you found a great home for your family. Can't wait to see pics after you guys are all settled in. Safe travels home!!! :)

Carrie said...

Congratulations! I am so excited for you guys. BTW Erin & I are going to be in Calif. 6/22-7/6 we should get together for lunch one of those days and hang out.

Simply Fit Mama said...

Thank you, everyone for your kind words! Very much appreciated. :-)

Carrie- would love to get together for lunch, etc when you guys get here.

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