Run for today

This morning David went for a bike ride in the foothills. Then when he got home I was ready to tackle an easy run. I am still easing back into my fitness routine since I had not been going full speed during the move.

I have learned that it is always better to ease back in rather jump in where you left off. This is a great way to prevent silly injuries.

Here are my run stats:

Time: 43:50
Distance: 3.66
Avg. Pace: 11:59 (this includes warm-up and cool-down)
Calories burned: 457

It was a nice run. Beautiful morning and beautiful scenery. I love new running trails!

Before my run I ate:

2 big glasses of water
2 mini whole wheat bagels
TJ's unsalted peanut butter
TJ's organic apricot jam

After my run I ate:

2 big glasses of water
Green Monster smoothie


Elaine Forward said...

Sounds like it was a great holiday for all of you. the parking limit cracks me up.. thinking of all of you hugs and love to all

Simply Fit Mama said...

I know can you believe there was a parking limit!! The closer spots were only 15-20 minutes. I drove around the parking lot for at least 10 minutes.

David worked Saturday and Sunday...so it didn't feel like a long weekend at all! But the time we had together was nice. :)

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