A busy Sunday

I did not get much unpacked today. We spent time visiting a new church this morning. It was pretty nice. Amazing children's ministry. We were able to grab a bite to eat right on campus! I had the half sandwich and salad combo. The sandwich was too bready so I decided to pull the turkey and tomato out and enjoy a salad with turkey and extra tomatoes on top. 

When we got home the kiddos took a nap and I headed to the grocery store to load the fridge and pantry for the week. I shop mainly at Trader Joe's. There are two 10 minutes from my house which is awesome (I used to drive 25+ miles to get to TJ's in NC)!

I tried the one near UC Irvine today. I liked the scenery better on the way to this TJ's. But when I arrived and tried to park I noticed that all the parking spots had time allotments on them!!

Since I am mainly a rule follower (darn first born qualities) I was worried that the longest time I could find was  only 45 minutes! I don't wander around the store aimlessly but it does take me about an hour to shop, plus I like to enjoy my time shopping without kids.

I shopped fast to start since I was totally stressed that my car was going to be towed when I tried to leave. and then slowed down because I forgot about the parking situation.

Excited to say the 2 buck chuck is actually $1.99 here instead of $2.99 in NC. That was a pick me up.

I got home and we all loaded up in the car to head to Target to get Natalie her Big Girl bike for her belated birthday present from us!

The rest of the evening was spent enjoying time outside playing and talking with our new neighbors.


Elaine Forward said...

Natalie looks adorable on that bike.. so her... she can now ride with her Dad in the foothills. :) glad you are settling in.. it is so lovely there.

Tina said...

look at that beauty on her new bike....can't wait to show this pic to jamison. next time we talk remind me to tell you about my recent trip to TJ's! xoxo-t

Simply Fit Mama said...

Mom- Nattie has had a blast on her new bike. All the neighborhood kids have lavished her with attention and cheered her on. Of course she has loved every minute of it!

Tina- Thank you, she thinks she is pretty cool. She asked to see Jami the other day...Can't wait to hear your TJ's story.

Vitamama said...

45 MINUTES?! That's insanity!

$1.99 for 2-buck Chuck...oh yea...

And, look at Natalie. Oh my goodness. Go, Nat, go!

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