Bike ride

This week I have been riding a bike path that is fenced in and paved, it rides a short distance parallel to the highway, so I ride back and forth until it's dark. Even though there are a lot of bike paths and bike lanes in this town I am still not comfortable riding them at dawn or dusk because I don't have the proper equipment, yet. 

This weekend I plan to buy a couple basic needs for my bike:
  • lights
  • gloves
  • mirror (not for checking myself out, but the cars behind me)
  • pepper spray
  • maybe bike shorts ( I know I should have these, I just have a gel seat I used to use for spin classes 10 years ago...I'm not even sure it helps anymore)
  • figure out why my tire keeps leaking air?
This should help me safe and smart in the bike lanes and riding alone. I am excited to try the new paths and lanes I am already bored of the back and forth ride I have been doing. 

What type of "basics" do you have or wish you had for biking equipment? 

My Stats:

Time: 42:17
Distance: 7.60
Avg.Pace: 5.34
Calories Burned: 274

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