Bike ride

Went on a bike ride after dinner tonight. I tried a new route. I thought I was going to ride on the road but chickened out when I realized there are a lot more cars on the road at 7:30 p.m. than 5:00 a.m. So I rode on the sidewalk until I noticed runners and walkers in the distance, I got off the sidewalk and got in the bike lane. I'm still pretty nervous to ride on the road, even with bike lanes. It wasn't as bad as I thought once I did it. No one came close to me and they actually switched to the farthest lane to give me more space. Nice people.

I made it home safely, drank some water, then plowed through my weight session. It took me 28 minutes for upper and lower body. So totally fitness time today was right at an hour. Not bad.

My stats:
Time: 29:19
Distance: 4.89
Avg. Speed: 10mph
Calories burned: 205

I forgot to post my stats from yesterday's run. I did not swim laps last night. I still felt sore from Saturday's swim session. So I skipped swimming but I did run and work my abs.

My run stats: (6/21/10)
Time: 39:22
Distance: 3.47
Avg. pace: 11.20
Calories burned: 440

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