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Everyone loves pizza night in our house. We don't make fresh pizza every time we eat it, we like TJ's frozen, but when I do make it I let the kiddos help out. Most of the time I let them help with one big pizza, but lately they have convinced me they need their own. I get their little stations set up and let them have at it.

Here are a couple of tips for cooking with kids:

          • Have all the ingredients set out and ready before you tell them what you are doing. I do this at nap time.
          • Be familiar with the recipe, I usually make things I have made a hundred times and are fail-safe.
          • It doesn't have to be perfect. It's about having fun, good memories and letting them create something on their own. I don't fix their creations unless it won't be edible.
          • It will be messy because they are kids. Everything can be cleaned and they can help!
          • The most important thing: Do not stress, become frustrated, angry, annoyed, etc. Let them explore and be silly, the best thing you can do is join in!

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Great pictures. Love those cheetahs!

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