Fitness Plan for the Month

During all the traveling, moving and settling I decided to be realistic about my fitness goals and keep it simple. What have I been doing? Running (short distances), push-ups, and sit-ups.

Now that the dust is starting to settle from the move,  I am ready to kick it back into gear for my fitness goals.

This is what my month looks like for my fitness plan:
  • 3x run a week, M, W, F (2 short 1 long and P90 abs video after runs)
  • 3x 20 min. minute swim, M, W, F (this month just building foundation, stoke, breathing, and building lap endurance)
  • 2x 45 min. bike, T, TH
  • 2x weights, T, TH (I will be using the P90 weights video)
  • Saturday and Sunday rest days.
It's a dreamy fitness plan for the month. I may have to re-evaluate my plan sometime during this month. I am excited for the challenge but I am always realistic about life and having a good balance, so if things have to be shifted, moved or even deleted I am okay with that.

Can you guess what's been on my mind from looking at the plan? 

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Vitamama said...

Hmmm, guess what's been on your mind? How about a nice soft pillow and a cushy couch? LOL. Tell us!

Your plan is very ambitious. But I love--and learn--from your comment that if things need to be changed, shifted or even deleted (gasp!), that you are okay with that. Inspiring.

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