Run for today

We had a busy working weekend. The inside of our house is 99% unpacked and in working order. But the garage is really not in working order at all. We have unpacked all the necessary items and now we are just down to random things. We have a large goodwill pile and a large trash pile that need to be picked up/ dropped off and I'm sure things will look better after those things clear away.

During all the unpacking and working we did find time for a couple breaks at the pool. We finally got our pool key!! So the kiddos ask nonstop to go to the pool. We went Saturday and Sunday. Instead of running this weekend I decided to swim laps at the pool during, in between and after playing with the family.

I probably was able to get a total of 15-20 minutes per day of swimming in. I know that isn't much but it was harder than I had thought it would be. I am not a terribly strong swimmer and I don't think I have ever just worked on laps.

So today for my run I was a little sore. I'm sure swimming engages different muscles than running and I could tell my legs were fatigued. So I took it easy and listened to my body.

Here are my stats:

Time: 38:53
Distance: 3.47
Avg. Pace: 11:12
Calories Burned: 436

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