Introducing the iPhone 4!!!

I was so excited to see the ad for the new iPhone 4! I love Apple. I love their ingenuity. I love their packaging, it's soo cool.

Have you seen the Video?
I love my iPhone. It has made my life just a little bit easier. I use it to track my run times. I used it to train for my first and second 5k. I listen to my music on it. I stream internet radio from it. I video record special moments with my children (more so than I ever have with the video camera). It's my alarm clock. Time-out timer. I facebook and twitter with it. Keep up with my email accounts. Use the GPS a lot!! Oh and soo much more.

I love some of the new features for the iPhone 4 here are the ones that caught my tearful eyes (tears of joy):
  • 5 megapixel Camera with FLASH (finally!!)
  • Face Time- Video Calling from your cell phone (that's just crazy and amazing)
  • Multi-tasking between Apps
  • Folder for Apps (it would be great to organize apps for a less cluttered look)
  • More battery life (I like to talk a lot, and GPS sucks the battery life, so this is great)
  • iMovie is included to edit and finish all those videos on your phone (cool)
Bottom line. Apple again creates something amazing! Mind-blowing. And...
I want one...I want one...I want one!!!

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Vitamama said...

How cool: 5 megapixel camera, Face Time, and multi-tasking apps! Sweeeeet. I want to be able to run Pandora AND Run Keeper at the same time. And won't it be fun to video-chat with our phones? And camera with a FLASH? Oh, I am going to start saving my pennies! Maybe in about 3 years (or sooner if my little "hurricane" keeps getting his mitts on my iPhone), I can get one.

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