Lap Swimming

I did swim my laps last night after dinner. I spent 30 minutes swimming. What a difference swim gear makes, it didn't make me a pro swimmer or anything like that. Here are some things that I noticed a major improvement just by having the right gear.

Swim cap: 
Having my hair out of my face was HUGE. I get panicky in the water especially when I get water up my nose or if it goes down my throat, add hair in the face and it's almost hopeless to swim without panicking.

The silicone cap was much better and a lot more comfortable than the latex. Having short hair, it's hard to pull it back out of my face so the cap was great! Not one hair came out of the cap. I didn't panic once. I did get water in my nose and throat but it seemed less overwhelming since my vision was clear.

Proper fitting goggles I should say. These are priceless. I could not believe how comfortable these were, I didn't even have them that tight. I just used the straps at the correct angle. I was able to see crystal clear in the water, no foggy goggles, no water to empty, it was awesome. The only thing I had to get used to was that they were magnified a bit and that made my depth perception a little wonky, my arm actually hit the wall once.

Training fins:
Awesome. They fit perfectly, I had borrowed someone's fins on Saturday and they were a little big. My ankles hurt for a couple days after. These fit great no ankle soreness. I love these because they are floating fins so they lift your feet and kinda put them in the right position. It's very obvious when you swim wrong (bicycle legs) as opposed to swimming from your hips, with the fins on. I know there is some debate over whether fins are good to use or not. Some say it becomes a crutch. I need the help for form right now. I swim 75% of the time with them and 25% without them right now. I plan to ween off them as my form gets better.

It fit great. Super comfy. All was contained. So I can't complain.


Robyn said...

I just came across your blog. I love it!!! This is just what I've been looking for. My children are 7 & 3. The second time losing weight has been very difficult. I just started exercising again. Your blog will be my inspiration to keep going!

Simply Fit Mama said...

Hi Robyn- Welcome! I'm glad you love it, I hope you will continue reading! It was hard for me losing weight the second time around, too. Congrats on exercising again! :)

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